3 ways to build better products

Over the past year of running and operating Cardly we’ve learned some key business insights on what makes a product that people will love.

There are some details that came from observation - like the fact that black cell phone products simply sell better than white products, and that people love marble phone pockets.

But there’s a bigger theme that applied to all products we launched - we have no idea what people want.

Truthfully. Zero idea.

But I guess that’s expected, right?


You have two college guys designing and building products for a market that is 83% female (according to our FB ads). How are we to know what our market wants?


So we’ve built a process around how we build and launch products that we know our target market will love.

#1 - Talk with customers:

Alright, so this might seem obvious but it is beyond true. It has never been easier to talk with your customers and in a day where consumer demands are changing rapidly, it’s vital in creating a successful business.

Through Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter, we use our Cardly account to poll or directly message your customer base.

This is the quickest way to get quick and inexpensive feedback from the people who are already buying your product and following your account.

As you can see below - we are in the process of launching a glitter design and were able to use instagram stories as ways to get that customer insight and understand which design they found most valuable.

Glitter phone pocket

Ultimately we decided to launch the phone pocket set on the right based on the customer feedback we were able to get (and Gio and I wanted to one on the left).

#2 - Use tech

Now once you know what your customers are thinking, it’s time to consider what the larger market thinks.

One free tool that we love is Google Trends. This tool allows you to see search results for each term and understand which products people are searching for the most.

glitter trends

They even break down these results on a more granular basis by countries and regions so that know while Sweden might love their silver glitter and have a high search result for that, the United States (our market) are more likely to purchase Gold units.

Google Trends

#3 - Compete on Product; Not Price

At the end of the day, we want to build a product that people will love and want to use. In an e-commerce market, however, it becomes difficult to look beyond price.

The internet enables a global economy of vendors to compete at an international level. This competition uses economic principles to compete on prices, ultimately benefiting the consumer by lowering the price. That being said, focusing on lowering price diminishing product innovation and can slow product development progress.

Instead, we look beyond price and focus on designs for phone wallets that our customers want. Discovering design trends and ways to improve the customer experience will satisfy the customers needs, and the price will ultimately follow with scale.

Want to tell us what design or product to build next? Just chat in below!