Top 5 College Hacks

If you're going off to college for the first time, then you may be in for a rude awakening, Mom and Dad aren't there anymore. This means that not only do you have to study hard, you have to find a way to keep yourself alive as well. Fortunately, there are five life hacks that will make things at college a little bit easier for you:

1. Make breakfast in a mug 

Learning to cook for yourself can take some time, whether you're living in a dorm or off campus. Unfortunately, a lot of students skip breakfast as a result, which is a bad idea. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as they say. Breakfast helps set the pace for the rest of your day and gives you the energy you need to slog your morning classes. 

Instead of just eating Pop Tarts for breakfast and waiting for the inevitable sugar crash that comes along with it, make breakfast in a mug. Simply take one of your mugs, spray it with nonstick cooking spray and then break two eggs inside. Add some cheese if you want, then heat it up in your microwave for 45 seconds. Scramble the eggs with a fork, then put it back in for another 45 seconds and you're left with a mug full of perfectly cooked scrambled eggs that are ready to eat right away!

Egg In Mug

2. Organize your fridge with binder clips

If you've run out of room in your fridge for food because it's full of beer (who hasn't run into this problem?), then don't fret - the use of binder clips can help clear up some space. Attaching a binder clip to a fridge rack acts like a bookend on a shelf, it keeps your beers from rolling around on the shelf when laying down on their sides. You can then stack your beers on top of one another in a pyramid formation.


3. Increase your closet space

Closet space can be hard to come by when you're sharing your living quarters with a roommate in the dorms. One way that you can get around this is by attaching two hangers together using soda can tabs. This allows you to link your hangers together without taking up more space on the clothing bar in your closet.


4. Hack Your Keurig

College dorm rooms are small and creating space for most things can often feel like this:

Big Man Small Room

 So, our advice – don’t buy any appliance that can’t perform more than one task.

The best double-duty appliance for busy college students? The Keurig coffee maker. It can make coffee in seconds, and if you just add hot water, it’s perfect for ramen. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in one device.

ramen keurig

5. Amplify your phone's sound

If you want to listen to music on your phone but you don't have any speakers in the dorm room, place your phone in a glass or in a bowl. This will help to amplify the sound so that everyone can actually hear it.

These are five college life hacks that should come in handy as you try to navigate the challenge that is adult life for the first time.