Why We Started Cardly

Before even jumping into this story, we want to say thank you.

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We started as two college kids our freshman year out of our dorm room looking to build an amazing product. Upon first arriving to campus after a semester abroad, we were bombarded with phone wallets from companies that frankly, we didn’t care about.

These phone wallets were extremely useful with basic things such as carrying our Husky Cards for getting into dining halls, but truthfully we found them to be hideous.

Why would someone pay upwards of $35 for a phone case only to have it covered up with a company they’ve never heard of?

That’s why we invented Cardly. We want to design a phone wallet that meets both our style and needs.

After working with Giovanni’s girlfriend, Gigi, we crafted an amazing Mandala design which was our first unit ever. We bothered our 20 closest friends over dozens of designs for weeks and finally found the right one:

When we placed our first order back in April 2016 we got some strange looks. Who are these kids ordering 1,200 silicone phone pockets that they’ve never even sold one of? Not to mention where were we going to put them (dorm rooms aren’t too space conscious)?

But when we finally got an email from ResMail that our units were ready, we wasted no time in taking product photos and listing them on Amazon.

They started selling almost immediately and before we knew it, Cardly was born.

Since then we’ve launched over 20 designs and have brand ambassadors across the country.

We are on a mission to make phone pockets both stylish and highly functional. As a thank you for checking out our first post, use the promo code: BLOG to save 10% on any purchase at the site!

-The Cardly Team